Tuesday, October 19, 2010

εïз Yesterday, an orphan. Today, a daughter, sister and friend ツ

My GINORMOUS family is made of:
My parents 
♥ Marcus Carlson and PoohBear Marcum
My "legal guardians" 
♥ MasterJohn Landar and IrishAngel Dragonash
My sibs
♥ Amiey Dezno, Charlotte Frenzy, Jessy Crescendo, Katey Siamendes and Lainey Fang
My cousins
♥ BabyA Littlething, Dashleyanne Nayar, JessicaAnnabelle Adored and Teddy Fazuku

The "L" in my name is spelled with a CAPITAL "i"

Medical hisotry:
♥ Diagnoses – ADHD, semi-permanent lag and constant wrong spelling

♥ Allgergies – vegetables, baby talk and drama


Sadey said...

So happy for you, Charlie!

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